Make no mistake about it, we’re here to be a major political party. From before the Revolution, we have always been a two-party country and historically third parties have had little impact. We speak from experience here: we’ve carried the banner of the Libertarian Party into races for both the United States Senate and House and, save for a minor scandal involving robocalls going out in the middle night that mentioned me, we had little impact and drew about as much notice.

America is ripe for another major politcal party, too as both the Republicans and Democrats are ready to be challenged. Both are do voices that used to be relagated to outer edges of our national conversation are now front and center, the Democrats seemingly out to provide cradle-to-grave coverage for all of us while the GOP is paced by a former president who has been arrested four times this year and who is a lying sexual predator who believes the moon is part of Mars and the Revolution was won when the Continental Army secured British airports.

In order to take America someplace she’s never been, we are going to offer something America has yet to see.
More than the specifics of the

That’s why we like to say we have reasonable solutions for reasonable.

Both current major parties are being run by their fringe elements

We deserve better than the America we have right now.